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Fixtures shopping

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Fixtures shopping

Fixtures shopping

Fixtures designed for commercial premises (track)

Prove the value of consumer goods is one of the most important tasks in the trade. To solve this problem you must first provide the buyer the goods.

"Ultimately, ladies and gentlemen, the success depends on the light in which you present the goods" ...

Charles Tiffany

In modern business facilities became popular use of LED lights. With proper installation of lighting devices can be divided space into zones. This allows you to make purchases or to choose products with greater convenience. Track lights are energy efficient. They also create a more comfortable working environment for all staff. Human eyes do not get tired because the ripple in the flow of light is quite low.

Professional Lighting - this is quite an important detail that you want to include in the design of the interior salesrooms. This lighting creates an inviting atmosphere for the store and increase sales.

Create personalized store image and customer interest will help correct selection of equipment for the trade, spectacular lighting showcases and commercial premises. When choosing the lighting system should take into account the specification of the trading room. The logical is the fact that for lighting large interior design gives way to save energy. Actual use of lighting as a design element in small spaces such as galleries, boutiques, salons, shops of firm trade in these areas it is important to emphasize the individuality of the interior and the atmosphere of the store. Despite this, the design of lighting fixtures and other interior elements should be minimally visible and distract the attention of the buyer.

Track lighting fixtures for retail premises are used for:

  • • boutiques and shops;
  • • shopping malls;
  • • exhibition halls;
  • • catering;
  • • shelves, racks, display cases;
  • • storage and utility rooms;
  • • certain goods.

The lighting in commercial premises should be such as to push the visitors to the store to buy products. After all, if the lighting is too dim, or conversely, bright, the client may feel uncomfortable and want to leave the shop. Lighting in the trade environment must be such that the light was soft and evenly distributed - it determines how the client will feel and affect his mood. That is why the correct choice of lighting sources will increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the enterprise.

It is important that in the commercial premises were lamps with directional light output. This allows the customer to focus attention on the product and show it in a favorable light. When choosing lighting for shops trade must take into account the color temperature of the lamps and their type.

Recently, it became very popular LED commercial lighting. This is due to low power consumption, reliability and security LED-equipment. Northcliffe Company (Nordkliff) has released many kinds of LED lighting for commercial premises. Our products has certain advantages, namely:

Cost. When using the LED lighting energy saving is 70% compared with conventional light sources. As well as using the LED-lamps decreases the load on the power supply, which ensures the release of additional capacity at the plant.

Long service life. Operation LED track luminaires period for sales areas is more than 50 thousand hours. This lamp does not lose their properties, they do not require repair and maintenance.

Different IP protection (20 to 66). Northcliffe (Nordkliff) The company has fixtures for retail space, which can be used on any objects. For example, lighting fixtures with IP20 are suitable for use in clean, dry rooms, a device with index IP65 / 66 can be used for lighting warehouses and podsobok with high humidity and dust.

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