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The main production area of ​​the "NORDKLIFF" located in Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. On the basis of these plants "NORDKLIFF" annually produces several million lamps. Over 20 years of industrial activity product range has expanded to several thousand kinds of lamps with tens of thousands of options and modifications.

Intra industrial cooperation allows us to produce highly reliable products at competitive prices. Having our own production facilities in Russia, along with other countries, allows to provide Russian consumers of the brand "NORDKLIFF" convenient after-sales service and to provide all necessary technical support.

Proizvodstvennyyi management and engineering and design staff of the "NORDKLIFF" center serves the development of new types of products, linking a huge number of suppliers and contractors around the world in a single technological, manufacturing and supply chain. Our lighting engineers have the highest qualified to realize any lighting projects from the simplest to the most complex objects.

Many of the fixtures produced by us are the best in its class, and some - a unique, unparalleled, as confirmed by the patents. All products are in full compliance with the standards of Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. 100% of all manufactured lamps necessarily tested before shipment to the consumer.

The use of high-precision material processing, maintenance of automated lines, the combination of line production and manual individual assembly, the use of components from leading European manufacturers offer fixtures "NORDKLIFF" excellent lighting and energy-saving features, exceptional reliability and superior cost competitive.

If you have any technical questions or need information about the lighting and operating performance of our luminaires, we invite you to take advantage of our technical support hotline, and ask your question via e-mail