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Algol 2*4*150 (Order code: Algol 2*4*150 )

7,260.00 грн

Main characteristics
Lumin.Flux, lm 18300
Power, W 150
Length, mm 700,00
Width, mm 250,00
Height, mm 70,00

LED street light Algol 2 * 4 * 150 for lighting pedestrian crossings and facades from Nortchliffe is a street LED lamp from the company Northclife, which are manufactured in a modern ultra-thin design, a 5 year warranty, high quality workmanship and maximum energy savings without losing luminous flux.

• High quality power supply, input voltage 100-240V. The effectiveness of the force is more than 88%.

• The thermal design of the channel type, reduces the weight of light and provides good heat dissipation

• Low power consumption, compliance with high-efficiency direct current, 60% of energy is saved;

• Outdoor LED lights from Nordcliffe are resistant to overvoltage, lightning, high temperature, which ensures long life and high product stability.

• Reliable lamps with a long service life of up to 50,000 hours;

• Green protection of the environment, absence of ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation, absence of mercury.

• Good appearance and corrosion resistance, protection class IP66.

• Wide range of operating voltage.

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Additional characteristics

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Algol 2*4*150

Algol 2*4*150

7,260.00 грн