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Results of the meeting of Northcliffe with the mayor of Khmelnik

Results of the meeting of Northcliffe with the mayor of Khmelnik

On December 11, 2017, a business meeting between Vitaly Smetanyuk and Mikhail Tkachuk, the director and commercial director of NORDKLIFF with the mayor of Khmelnik Sergey Redchik, was held on the issue of street lighting of Khmilnik using energy efficient LED lamps manufactured by Northcliffe. The conversation was held with the assistance of the honorary citizen of the city of Khmelnik Alexander Tkalenko and his son Andrei Tkalenko.

At this meeting, street lighting issues were discussed with the use of the latest technologies to save electricity and improve the living comfort of Khmilnik residents. High quality and competitive prices of street LED lamps were noted thanks to the use of high-precision materials processing technologies, the use of components from leading European manufacturers, the advantages of lighting and energy-saving characteristics for use in street lighting are presented. At the same time, Northcliffe presented the catalog of products and samples of outdoor LED lamps of the latest models, which provide excellent visibility in the dark and consume few times less electricity than conventional street lamps.

Company Northcliffe - gave for the city-resort Khmilnik ten LED street lights, which in the future will find their location on the streets of the city.

On behalf of the territorial community of Khmilnyk, Mayor Sergey Redchik thanked the leadership of the NORDKLIFFF campaign for supporting charity initiatives, and also thanked the TKALENKO family for their active civic position.