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Let there be light and saving!

Let there be light and saving!

In the last decade, the cities of Ukraine have been looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs for street lighting. One way to do this was to replace the existing street lighting with high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS) with more energy-efficient LED street light fixtures.

LED street LED lights have become the preferred choice for municipalities due to better color reproduction, more even distribution of lighting, increased energy efficiency, increased reliability, brightness control and reduced maintenance costs compared to traditional street lighting options.

The visual spectrum of light is defined as the wavelength from 360 nm to 700 nm, with blue light found in the range of 400-500 nm. Most HPS lamps emit most of the energy between 550-650 nm (yellow / orange spectrum); on the other hand, white LED lighting has a higher energy share with a wavelength of less than 500 nm (blue spectrum).

LED street LED lamps from the manufacturer Northcliffe are already installed in 4 cities of Ukraine. A survey of residents showed that most of them are satisfied with the brightness of the new LED street LED fixtures and supports large-scale deployment throughout the city.

Nordcliffe is a reliable Ukrainian manufacturer of LED street lights and other types of LED luminaires.