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Street LED lights in Vinnitsa PHOTOS

Street LED lights in Vinnitsa PHOTOS

Northcliffe street light fixtures are already installed in the city of Vinnitsa and successfully save electricity.

Street LED lights from Nordcliffe - have become a beautifulloss and business card of the city of Vinnitsa, they are installed at the entrances toVinnice and in the central part of the city.

Vinnitsians note a noticeable increase in the amount of light in the dark time of the day, which contributes to the safety of roads, pedestrian transitions.

LED streetlights Northcliffe noticeably differ not only from ordinary luminescent lamps, but also similar LED lights.

Northcliffe LED lights shine brighter and more natural sunlight, with their light spot much wider than that of competitors, which in turn does not create the so-called "zebra", that is, there are no dark spots.

Уличные светодиодные светильники Nortchliffe в Виннице на Немировском шоссе

Уличные LED светильники Нордклифф в Виннице по улице Пирогова