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Street Lights

Street Lights

Rapid changes in the technology of LED lighting led to a revolutionary upgrade of LEDs. Worldwide, municipalities prefer to switch their older street lighting to new, more energy-efficient outdoor LED lights for the city.

Street LED lights for the city - maximum lighting, minimizing energy.

NORDKLIFF offers only the most modern energy-saving LED street lamps with excellent brightness characteristics.

Durable LED fixtures are made of hard materials that are safer because they do not collapse if they are broken and are less likely to break, saving city money when buying new lamps and cleaning up in case of a broken lamp.

Energy efficiency. On average, LED lamps are ten times more energy efficient.

The durability of outdoor LED lights for the city is greater because of a significant reduction in energy consumption, a relatively short payback period. This means fewer changes, lower maintenance costs.

Ecological compatibility. Due to increased energy efficiency, street LED lights for the city-require less energy to produce light and reduce the amount of energy spent.