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About Us

Group Nordkliff (Northcliffe) - a significant market participant electrical and one of the leading manufacturers of commercial lighting in Eastern Europe. In the segment of office fixtures - the main area of ​​specialization - Northcliffe covers the markets of Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic Sea from 25 to 35%. Products Nordkliff sold almost all markets of the CIS, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, and in Germany and the UK.

During the 15 years of its existence the enterprise group Northcliffe released more than 25 million lamps. The current annual output of about 3 million lights, or about 10 thousand a day! In addition to the production of lighting fixtures, Nordkliff also offers integrated lighting solutions and light control system in cooperation with the Finnish-English company Helvar.

Nordkliff is actively innovation, being the leading manufacturer of the most energy efficient lighting fixtures with T5 lamps. The unique know-how Nordkliffa design, design and manufacturing lamps with integral reflector raster-marked and protected by patents.

In 2008, after several years of preparation, Nordkliff launches a revolutionary product in the field of electrical engineering: a unique and innovative system wiring MOBILE OUTLET.

Conventional wiring systems remained unchanged for over 100 years, while the number and variety of household appliances and electrical devices continuously and rapidly. Archaic conventional wiring become particularly evident in recent decades, when computers, audio-visual equipment, cameras and mobile phones, electric kettles, toasters and other household and kitchen appliances have become an integral part of our everyday life is at home and at work, on vacation or on the road. Now, finally, there is a new solution in the organization of the wiring, which corresponds to the current level of technological progress and provides a convenient, safe and reliable access to the power supply for all devices and appliances in the place where it is convenient and when it is needed.

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